Advantages and Disadvantages of a Curbless Walk-in Shower

Choosing the right shower enclosures can be a tricky task. Your selection will usually depend on available space. But this does not mean you cannot get the desired quality of your showering experience. Curbless walk-in shower is becoming increasingly popular and chic solution.

Rationale behind removing the shower curbs includes cleaner lines in bathroom, fewer crannies and corners to clean, increased facility and accessibility of the shower use. However, the walk-in curbless (zero threshold) shower will not meet everyone’s needs as people have different needs and requirements. In order to understand whether you need walk-in shower enclosure, we will give an overview of its advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision.


Curbless walk-in enclosures are very easily accessible. Its convenience appeals everyone; from grandparents to grandkids. Bathroom fitting the needs of all of the family members is highly conducive, especially since health care costs have been soaring and several generations of American families sometimes live together. Tall shower curbs can be an obstacle for grandparents while it is convenient for teenagers. Besides, even though most people do not think about it, no matter how big or small the curb is, it will be a considerable obstacle for wheelchair users. Therefore, removing a curb makes it easily accessible for everyone.

Wet room system and shower base former can make one level shower possible. You can install it straight on the joists.

Space-saving Solution

Some apartments have limited amount of space so you need to be creative. You may not even need this advantage, but it is good to know you can expand the space by removing the curb. If you opt for shower cubicles, this is not an option.

Visual Effect

Curbless walk-in showers make the tiles and wall panels clearly visible as shower cubicles with curb obstruct the view. Curbless showers enable the clear view (and show off) of a luxury shower.


Obviously, it is much easier to clean an open and easily reachable space than alcove shower enclosures or small corners.

No Shower Door Cleaning

Naturally, cleaning shower door can be tricky. As we shower pretty often, and water tends to leave ugly stains – especially on glass door, removing the door can certainly save you some time.

However, there are some disadvantages to the curbless walk-in showers. Here they are, along with suggestions how to solve it;

Water Leaking

Water leaking; as there is no curb to hold the water, it can leak farther. So, how do we stop water from escaping? You can use a curved glass block shower wall. It can move water back to the drain. Rain head can also help, as it keeps water centralized in a spot. Third solution can be pivoting shower screen, which can be tilted towards the inside to stop water from escaping.

Privacy Concerns

Truth be told, curbless walk-in showers do not offer much privacy. If this is one of your concerns, you could use glass blocks, curtains or obscure glass.

Heat Going  Away

Given the shower has opening with no door, causes the heat to escape. One solution for this could be heated flooring.

Curbless walk-in shower enclosures can be a great idea to enhance the shower accessibility. On the other hand, make sure to deal with the aforementioned problems in the right way, so you can make the most of your shower time!

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  1. I really appreciate your tip on how a walk-in shower is really easy to clean since you aren’t dealing with any small corners. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new house, and we want to make sure that we have minimal cleaning that we need to do since we both work full-time jobs. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should try and get a house with a walk-in shower!

  2. I like how the article explains that curbless walk-in showers are very easily accessible and it fits everyone’s needs. I have knee problems and it makes it very difficult to sometimes have to step over a curb into a shower. By having a curbless walk-in shower, I wouldn’t have to bend my knee which would make it more accessible to me.

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