Shower Glass Installers Reflect On Shower Designs


Shower entryways are our main thing and mirror obviously — generally frameless showers and mirrors. I have a site with around 300 pictures of showers and a showroom moreover.

What sorts of mirror and glass administrations do you offer for the bathroom?

More often than not, clients call from the site; at that point I go measure and show them pieces. We offer any kind of mirror and everything from confined to frameless shower enclosures, which are generally famous. We have a little showroom, index,and site. I typically have tests of glass and shower equipment to appear. There’s nothing we don’t offer, from mirror framing or custom showers to frameless showers. Clients can go to the showroom to pick their glass, equipment and get an unpleasant gauge before we get final estimations.

What’s the expense for a glass shower, and what influences the cost?

It depends how enormous it is, yet I more often than not tell individuals a decent spending starter is about $45 per square foot of glass for a frameless shower. A standard shower entryway is about $600 to $800. An entryway board and come back to the divider is about $1,000 to $1,200, assuming standard stature and nothing out of square. There’s a financial plan for everybody. About the least expensive shower, we do would be $600 to $700. However it can get up to $5,000, depending on customization.

To what extent does a shower installation take from request to finish the installation?

Around one-and-a-half weeks. I can generally get out when they call that day or the following, and normally get the pieces within a week and a half. The shower installation takes two to four hours. We can have it installed within ten business days at the longest. More often than not, I can have it conveyed to me this week and installed by one week from now because our providers convey two times every week. Around about fourteen days for standard 1/4 inch glass and three weeks for 3/8 inch custom frameless showers. Installation can shift from a few hours to days, depending on how redone it is. Click here.

What guidance do you have for cleaning glass showers?

Squeegee it after each shower and wipe it down. There are some defensive sealants you can apply at the glass fabricator that isnear without maintenance. I wouldn’t utilize any of the post-retail sealant items all alone shower. A hydrophobic coating is a brilliant alternative. I can apply one to the shower or have the glass fabricators apply it, which adds an upcharge of up to $4 or $5 per square foot. Essentially, it expels and fills in any microscratches in the glass that water minerals stick to.


I very prescribe a glass defender connected to the shower glass at the plant on the off chance that you have hard water. The covering is prepared inside the shower glass to fill in the minuscule pits and pores in the glass. It adds 10 to 15 percent to the cost, depending on shower estimate.

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