The difference between a Dual Fuel and an Electric Towel Rail

When you add a radiator or towel rail to a circuit, we suggest that you add a main heating protector tube, which can help keep the water in your heating circuit in optimal condition and help prevent boiler failure and corrosion of your bathroom towel radiators. As the vast majority of heated towel racks can be used as Dual Fuel systems, to choose your towel rack from a wide range of heated towel racks and then update with simple Dual Fuel Kits.

Electric Only Towel Rails

An electric bathroom radiator comes preloaded with a liquid and has an electrical element as the sole source of heat. Several electric towel rails come filled with oil and others come with a water-based solution that contains a mixture of vital heating preservatives. Here at Trade Plumbing, we consider that a water-based solution is a much greener method.

When the towel rail is filled, plugs will be placed in the filling holes to keep the mixture inside. One more benefit of the water-based heat transfer fluid is that whether there is a leak during transport it may be simply filled with water. The electrically-heated towel rails here at Trade Plumbing are filled with a mix that is strong enough to recharge about 10 times over the product lifetime. To avoid damage during delivery, we always pack the item on the towel rack discretely in its box and always recommend making sure this is done. Your plumber or registered electrician from Part P will be able to place the item on your heated towel rail easily. Learn more.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

A Dual Fuel Towel Rail comes without filling fluid since it is connected to your main heating system, which allows it to be heated by its main heating system. It has an electrical element as well so it can still be used when your main heating system is not active.

Most Britons turn off their main heating system in summer. This means the towel radiator will not heat up and dry your towels after the morning bath. The system to maintain the advantages of a heated towel rail during the summer months without wasting electricity when using the main heating system is to place an electrical element on the towel rack, in addition, to connect it to the main heating circuit. This is usually achieved through the use of so-called T-pieces, which allow the electric element and the radiator valve to pass through to the towel rail.


We recommend that you install a timer for your bathroom towel radiators, so you can automate and turn it on and be ready just in time for when you want it; this aids to make your towel rack more convenient and economical as well as respectful of the environment. You will need a Fused Spur and Back Box for your towel rail if you have an electrical element. In terms of laments, this is a great electrical switch for the wall. This conforms to its normal internal main ring.

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