Traditional Bathrooms – Styles and Things to Consider

There are many misconceptions that surround traditional bathrooms. Some people associate traditional with old. However, this is far from the truth and is certainly not the case.Traditional designs are timeless and beautiful.

The traditional look is all about grace and symmetry. A traditional bathroom can have modern touches or influences and still be considered traditional. If you ever want to sell your home then going for a traditional look will be a great way to go.It is a timeless investment if you are considering using classic traditional bathrooms styles. It does not matter what the style is, this type of look is elegant, gracious and timeless.

Traditional bathrooms will never go out of style and people of all ages will appreciate them. The most common elements that are usually noticed are the floral fabrics, the gilded finishes and the accents that will include silver, gold and porcelain elements.You might also notice different styles decorative molding, cabinetry and even subtle color schemes in traditional bathrooms. They will look formal while also offering a highly welcoming space that will last for an entire lifetime.

If you are more inclined towards traditional bathrooms and not towards contemporary styles, you should know that it is not hard to create a traditional look for your bathroom. Plus you can recreate popular eras and periods of time such as the Victorian age or even the ancient Greek period.You can wow your friends and family with special vintage themed traditional bathrooms that will replicate designs of the 1920’s.

Decorating in a more traditional style is a trend that is coming back as it has gained more popularity over the last several years. The following are some more design ideas to consider when creating your traditional bathroom.

We need to understand some of the elements that make up traditional designs. In traditional type homes, you will find formal themes throughout the house. Some spaces may have mixed traditional with contemporary designs, and that is okay as long as they blend well together.

You will typically see fireplaces, intricate moldings, large rooms and French doors. In most cases you will notice wooden floors, bookcases that are built in and dining rooms that are formal. And the bathrooms are not much different.You will see the special attention to detail in traditional bathrooms. This type of bathroom could have crown molding, marble countertops, natural surface materials (tiles and stone), shiny or brass metal accents with the faucets, drawer pulls, and towel rings or formal window treatment, and clean lines like Roman shades or shutters.

Wood is also a very big part of the traditional design. Mostly likely you will find a wooden vanity or storage cabinets in this type of bathroom. One great feature in a traditional bathroom is the bathtub. To achieve a traditional look, you should go with a freestanding tub such as a tub with claw feet.

Traditional bathrooms do have many fixtures. You might want to look at polished nickel tends or polished copper to put an emphasis on the traditional look. A vintage look can be obtained easy by using brass or chrome fixtures.The color and accessories of the bathroom are an important part of making the bathroom look and feel more traditional. It is important to pick out the right color palate and accessories.  In most cases the design color palette will be made out of vibrant green, beige, white, rose quartz, gold, deep reds or marine blue.

You will want to use elegant accessories to enhance the walls. Also, different lighting fixtures light crystal coverings or framed landscapes and pictures can be a great idea. Don’t forget about adding wall sconces or chandeliers. If you think about the towel hangers, faucets or any other metal items that are present in the home you might want to consider using silver.

Designers recommend that traditional bathrooms have walls that are deep red with an olive green ceiling. The borders can be enhanced with the use of a red, olive and creamy gold border. However, this is not always necessary.What is important is to make sure that the colors used will blend in perfectly and will be suitable for traditional bathrooms.

These different elements for traditional bathrooms are present in most bathroom stores around the world. You can get a lot of ideas by surfing the web or looking at home magazines. You can also visit estate sales to find some authentic accessories or other pieces that you can add to your bathroom.To find a traditional look that suits you be sure to write down the styles and designs that you love. That way you can easily create the type of bathroom you have always dreamed of.

It is also important to know how much you have to spend on this project. Some of the items might be expensive but if you shop around you might be able to find them at lower prices. For example, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marble flooring when you can get faux-marble flooring for much less.

Traditional bathrooms are perfect for people who do not like to change their décor much. The traditional look is classic and will always look good.Don’t forget to make a list of all the items you want in your classic bathroom. Take a look online to see all of the possibilities there are. You can easily go to Google.com/images and type in traditional bathrooms to see examples of what is possible.

Planning a remodel or new construction is the key to getting the room exactly the way you want it. If you are unsure how to go about creating the perfect space, then it is recommended to seek out a professional.Professional designers will take your ideas or styles that you show them and create the perfect space for you, and you home while at the same time making your job that much easier.

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